PGE invests in startups

The Group has set up two companies PGE Ventures and PGE Nowa Energia, the first of which will be the capital investor and the second will be responsible for initiating and accelerating projects. PGE announces that it is interested in taking up minority interests in projects, offering financial backing and support as well as know-how in return. Expect return on investment is 15-20% annually, the investment horizon is 3-4 years.

PGE announces that it plans to start a scouting program on September 1, 2017, to identify around 100 startups, after which I will select the 10 most attractive projects and will sign agreements with selected entrepreneurs.
Main areas of investor interest are:
  • Optimizing your business,
  • Energy storage and clean manufacturing technologies,
  • Information and communication technologies,
  • Raw material enrichment and waste disposal.