Investment Magnet attracts investments. We offer investment projects from the market, we also help investors to search of investment opportunities based on their criteria (industry, type, volume).

If you search for specific investments you can send us an e-mail notification describing your requirements or fill in the submission form providing your contact data. For sure we will contact you to determine the details and terms of cooperation.

We mainly focus on following areas: commercial real estates, renewable energy projects, production industry and new technologies (including the Internet). We operate in the CEE region.

Majority of investments offers from our data base we present directly to selected investors (without publishing them on the websites) so we encourage you to fill out the application.

What we can offer:
  • investment projects for which we are looking for financial or industry investors
  • project management services - please see details here
  • greenfield and brownfield real estate projects management including development process
  • assistance in finding market opportunities, market research, business intelligence
  • assets valuation
  • support on negotiation strategies
  • customer support during the process of due diligence and feasibility study
  • agreeing conditions of the sales transaction (term sheet)
  • virtual data room (remote access to key documents of the investment process)
  • negotiations until the signing of the contract of sale / investment agreement